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[job] freelance programming

Hi all –

A friend of mine is looking for a freelance programmer to join his web
shop. They are a small, friendly firm with flexible hours and steady
work. Even better, they are smart, cool, sane people!

The one thing to know: they prefer to hire freelancers with a personal
recommendation if they can. This means that if you’re interested,
please contact ME offlist, and I can give you more details as necessary.




We’re looking for a reliable, experienced, and pleasant programmer to
fix, change, and add features to a new web application built in the
following environment:
Windows Server 2003 R2 Edition
.Net version 2.0
Windows MS SQL Server 2005 SP2
Crystal Reports for .Net Framework 2.0 x86 v10.2

Javascript is used throughout
HTML/CSS is a plus
Experience in Semantic markup is important to us

The work is on an as needed basis, but we are looking for someone who
will get to know the system and be our goto person for updates, fixes,
and new features.

Please send samples of work, resume, references, availability, and
target hourly rate.