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Job: Web Content Consultant needed for NYC Agency

I’m working on a web dev/content migration project at a NYC Agency.
They are looking for additional help.

Please email me offlist – – with resume and bio.
This is a freelance/contract position through an agency.

Note: since this is a governmental agency, experience with or tolerance
for bureaucracy is necessary.


*Strong written communication skills; ability to write for online

*Experience designing/redesigning content-heavy website

*Experience with use cases

*Experience with informational design

*Experience with web content management tools

*Ability to work as a team member


*Experience with Blueprint

*Experience with Alfresco

*Exprerience with RUP


Participate in project team rebuilding website in Java (from current
Microsoft technology)

1. Design new user interface for up to 20 existing secure applications.
Includes inputs, instructions, error messages, help text, additional
information. Work with internal business users and IT to get team
approval of content. Participate in demos and testing.

2. Contribute to redesign of website’s informational (non-secure)
content. Research peer websites, apply best practices for presentation
of information; retool existing web content. Understand business needs
and write/edit website content accordingly. Contribute to intuitive,
effective, clear design and navigation, and ensure consistent look and
feel across website components.

3. Participate in pilot program to use Alfresco Web Content Management
tool for building new website.