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Tech Support Job Soho – start now

Hi List,

A small architecture/art studio in soho needs to hire a tec=
h support person.
The tech person will:
-configure 8 mac computers
-install and remove software
-set up a server
-provide system maintena=
-help prepare multimedia presentations in keynote, powerpoint, and flash-configure printers+plotters,
-be the life line for any tech/computer qu=
-provide consulting on video file formats
-help with video edi=
ting and mastering,
-create DVD's, be able to properly export various types of sound + vide=
o files
-must have great communication skills for explaining complicated =
tech components to non-tech people.
-configure studio speakers / surround=
-networking and remote access control

The studio uses final cut, ado=
be suite, parallels, Microsoft office, autocad,rhino, 3D scanning software, =
and other=A0 mac presentation and production software.

This is a =
well paid free-lance job and the person needs to be Manhattan based

Please send resume or CV to:
Place SOHO TECH SUPPORT in all caps in the subjec=
t line.
Please include at least two references with your resume/CV

All applicants need to have prior tech-support experience.