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JOB: multi video capture

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hello list,

The job is for a computer app that can take images =
from multiple input sources and stitch them together in real time. This is f=
or ART for some clients of mine who i don’t have time to build out the syste=
m for. I Might have time to work on the hardware side with you.  As of =
now the system would probably be built around a LAN of IP addressable camera=
s which we would make ports for in whatever system/computer we use. The comp=
uter app would then tap each port sequentially for the images and stitch the=
m together (ect.)

overview from them:

software to stitch together 8-camera-vertical-columns, there would be
17 of these columns, we would need to bring all of these columns to the
computer, where we could have them all visible at once as separate
windows next to each other.

This is the system we would like to use for setting up 136 cameras.

We will have Seventeen 44′ long 3/4″ square tubes hung=
vertically from a truss on the ceiling.=20
We will attach 8 web cams to each of those vertical me=
tal tubes.=20
Each of these 8 camera columns will need to be wired i=
nto a hub of some sort (or wireless).=20
Those combined signals go to the computer.=20
We will need a software written to stitch together eac=
h of the 8 camera vertical columns (seventeen separate columns).=20
We will then simply line up the 17 columns of video to=
make up our full 180=92 wide image.=20
We can manually stitch the 17 video columns in a video=

thanks for the interest.=

Justin Downs:

ph: 347 3017780
email: justin@g=


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