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JOB: URGENT kate spade project immediately

> my name is john and i work in the marketing department at kate
> spade new york. right now we are re-branding our 5th avenue store
> and have hit a snag and were hoping somebody in your department
> would be able to help us. we would like to have a phone in the
> store and when a customer picks up this phone they can press 1 to
> hear the ocean, 2 to hear birds tweeting and 3 to hear somebody
> whistling, so basically press a button and hear a recording. the
> phone itself doesn’t even have to be connected but can be if needs
> be. aesthetically, the phone would also have to fit in with the
> merchandising around the store, and we can provide one or approve
> one. let me know if there is any student, faculty or alumni that
> would be interested, they would be compensated and hopefully we’ll
> be doing more things like this in the future and can strike up a
> bit of partnership.
BEST case scenario would be to have it done by tomorrow evening, but
it’s not a major element of the event we’re doing. If its possible we’d
like to have it by Friday but I’m not sure of the timeline on something
like this so we’re pretty flexible.

> thanks so much
> john jannuzzi
> kate spade | JACK SPADE
> marketing coordinator
> 212.739.6582