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JOB: IA / User Experience Architect

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Sounds like a great opportunity to work =
on the redesign of a large scale CMS. It doesn’t specify, but I assume posit=
ion is located in either NYC or DC.=A0

Feel free to menti=
on my name as a referral.=A0

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Luis Perez <lperez@winterw=>
Date: =
May 13, 2009 2:15:47 PM PDT
To: cassandr=
Subject: role
1.) This group is owning more of the work around some of their br=
ands and is responsible for extending some of=A0those brands.=A0 This could =
include working=A0parts or components of the site to=A0redesign portions of =
the sites (potentially a subscription banner or a search function).=A0 The d=
esign work will likely include=A0parts of the site that contain functionalit=
y (in contrast to pure marketing).

2.) Working on the existing Design=
Framework project where the company is trying to layout and build a framewo=
rk to enhance and provide consistency across the brands moving forward.=A0 (=
For this particular project, they will be using Confluence as their CMS.)
In the past, their sites were built on Cold Fusion, but there is a acro=
ss the board migration to PHP (including implementing Drupal) that is happen=
ing now.=A0 They are also an Agile SCRUM environment

Must haves:*5+ years of user experence architecture experience with a stron=
g understanding of design
*5+ years of experience working on complex web =
sites or web applications (in order of preference)

lishing experience
*Experience working in a PHP/Drupal en=



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