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[JOB] FT Programmer/Analyst at NY Botanical Garden

Hi all,
A friend asked me to forward this to the list. Good luck to any =
who apply!

Information Systems Programmer/Analyst

The New York Botanical Garden

Basic Job Functions
Under the te=
chnical direction of the IS Development & Integration Manager, participa=
te in developing, integrating, implementing & administering a range of c=
ustom-built and packaged information systems used by The New York Botanical =
Specific Duties & Responsibilities
∗  &nb=
sp; Work as part of a team to modify, develop and support systems to serve N=
YBG’s proprietary business and information needs.
∗ &nb=
sp;  Participate in system analysis and planning activities.
∗    Code, modify and test applications using a varie=
ty of technologies and environments including but not limited to: LAMP, XML,=
XHTML, Delphi, JavaScript, post-Relational, SQL, and web services.
st;    Implement and test new database system development and=
integrations with existing information systems.
∗    Document systems design, develop training materi=
al and deliver training.
∗    Train systems and net=
work administrators to respond to Helpdesk and support tasks for these softw=
are packages and customized systems
∗    Self-manage a continuous learning cycle to incor=
porate new skills.
∗    Other duties as assigned
∗    Bachelor degree or equival=
ent in an information technology development related field.
∗    5 years or more relevant experience in software =
or system development, at least 3 years of which is specific to SQL-driven w=
eb-enabled processes and includes extensive modification of legacy systems∗    Knowledge of business systems operations and su=
pport (such as retail, financial, CRM, e-commerce, etc). Demonstrated abilit=
y to quickly learn and apply specifics of new business systems.
∗    Knowledge and experience in application and data=
base administration and support.
∗    Demonstrated =
ability to do advanced script and query modification and development using X=
ML, PHP, Delphi, Javascript, XHTML, Post-relational, SQL, and similar enviro=
∗    Highly developed customer service skills and att=
itude, superior communication skills, a personable support manner, patience,=
resourcefulness, reliability, and a commitment to excellence.
Position is: Full Time
Send responses to Patrick Clancy, pclan=