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[JOB] New York web startup

If you're a software-inclined recent grad still looking for a job with =
lots of independence and responsibility, take a look at this.=A0I've bee=
n working in this office for the past couple of weeks (at and it's a good atmosphere, cool people, beautiful s=
pace, and an exciting place. Let me know if you have any questions!

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rom: Tony Haile <>
Wed, May 27, 2009 at 6:00 PM


Chartbeat provides real-time analytics for your website, allowin=
g you to react instantly and effectively as visitors interact with your site=
. We tell you how many people on your site and what they are doing as they d=
o it in real time. What=92s more, we=92ll send you alerts when extraordinary=
activity takes place whether it=92s uptime, user load time or a flood of vi=
sitors exceeding your average maximum.

Chartbeat launched at the Web 2.0 Expo Keynote and has had an incredibl=
e response. Now we=92re looking for a superb front end designer-developer to=
lead Chartbeat=92s growth from newly-launched beta to fully-fledged can=92t=
live without it real-time analytics service.

Chartbeat is an early-stage company within the Betaworks Studios, the e=
arly stage accelerator that has also been behind, Tweetdeck=
and Summize. You would be wo=
rking out of the Betaworks loft in the=
Meatpacking district of Manhattan (complete with full size pool table) and =
getting the chance to interact with people from other companies within the B=
etaworks stable. It=92s a great mashup of some of the brightest and best com=
panies in the industry today.

What we use:

* Django/Python
* L=
* Javascript
* Flash
* Canvas
* Silverlight
* Amazon Web=

We want to hear from you if:

* Your CSS mastery inspires awe in a=
ll who see it
* You are a creative product visionary who groks the real-t=
ime web
* You are passionate about metrics
* You have extensive experience of ag=
ile product development and working in small teams that get things done on t=

Roles and responsibilities

* You will own the front-end of Char=
tbeat, shaping the look and functionality of the service as it evolves.
* You will be in charge of the Chartbeat API and working with our partners =
and resellers to integrate Chartbeat=92s functionality into a host of other =
* You will work closely with the System Architect to ensure a c=
onsistent stable service for our clients.

Tony Haile
General Manager, Chartbeat
E: tony@betaworks.c=
P: 917 238 6656
skype: tonyhaile
IM/twitter: arctictony

Get real-time analytics for your site!
Visit http://chartbeat.c=