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[job] Rails Developer at Socially Conscious Start Up

Hi all

I’m reposting this with permission from my undergrad alum list. Please
contact the person below if interested – thanks! :)
This is a chance to work in the web world in a socially conscious way
and build something that does not merely entertain, but truly makes a

If you or someone you know is interested, please email me at

Here’s the official job description.

Software Engineer

Are you stupendously spectacular? Do you think constantly about
software architecture, logic puzzles and scaling problems? It’s not
easy to get on our team, but we’re looking for more exceptional
engineers who will strengthen our ability to deliver the highest
quality software in a timely and sustainable manner. You should have
experience developing software in a variety of environments and should
be comfortable with Linux servers, open-source databases, elegant code
and efficient algorithms.

The ideal candidate will have at least:

* 4+ year college degree in computer science (or related) OR
equivalent professional experience
* Work experience developing software in a business environment,
preferably with Linux/UNIX
* Database, application architecture and software systems design
* Experience with at least one dynamic language (Ruby, Python,
JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Scheme, Lisp, etc.)
* Excellent problem solving abilities, a firm grasp on algorithms
and rock-solid computer science fundamentals

We offer all full-time on-site employees the following benefits:

* Equity in the company
* 100% paid-for health (Blue Cross) and dental (Delta Dental)
* Daily lunch and dinner brought to the office
* Snacks and beverages in the office
* For developers: laptop of choice, top-of-the-line workstation,
dual 24:” LCDs, and work-related books

Christine Brumback
HopeLab []