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[job] dev consultant, paid (and starts now)

A startup near Union Square is looking for a developer consultant.
Their site is database driven and currently built in Drupal.

They are looking at restructuring/rebuilding the site and would like
to pay a consultant to determine the best approach e.g. they don’t
think Drupal is scalable and would like to look at other options.
So, ideally, the dev consultant has had some professional experience
and an extensive programming knowledge base.

The initial consulting gig will be a few hours or 1 day max—but
this person could also go on to build the site, if desired. The site
build portion will be 2-months, full-time–1 or more people.

This is an exciting company that has garnered a lot of attention
lately. There is an ITP-like geek Harvard undergrad/MBA at the helm–
ambitious, fast and determined–but cool. The company has a great
biz model–and is doing something completely new to the fashion world.

The CEO is looking for keepers. If all goes well, this person will
likely advance to a full-time, lead position. But even if you are
only looking for summer work–this might be a good fit too.

If you are interested and want more info, please email me a.s.a.p.
off list ( or call 646-575-5757.

This position will start immediately–and, like I said, it pays.