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JOB: Riseup Collective seeking RoR developer, CSS programmer, and UI designer for UNICEF project

Begin forwarded messag=

Subject Line:  Riseup Collective seeking RoR developer, CSS progr=
ammer, and UI designer for UNICEF project
Position 1: Ruby on Rails developer

Position 2: UI Designer
Position 3: CSS Programme=
When: Starting Immediately
Hours: 1/2 to full time

With Who: The Riseup Collective (http:/=
Send CV / Portfolio to:

The Riseup Collective (http://ri= is looking to hire an experienced Ruby on Rails developer, a U=
I / Visual Designer, and a CSS programmer to work on a platform for youth ac=
tivists. We are working in cooperation with UNICEF’s Innovation Unit ( &=
nbsp;in NYC. Our development is distributed around the world and consists of=
three core programmers, a UI designer, several part time programmers and de=
signers, and one project manager. We are looking for experienced people with=
a long term commitment to liberatory social change. 

* Programmers may work from anywhere with a good internet connection=
* UI designer must be NYC based.
* CSS programme=
r: IE6 skills a must
The Project

Crabgrass =
is a software libre web application designed for social networking, group co=
llaboration and network organizing. Our goal is to create communication tool=
s specifically tailored for bottom-up grassroots organizing. By social netwo=
rking, we mean the ability of users to get to know one another through their=
online contributions and presence. By group collaboration, we mean the abil=
ity of small groups to get things done, such as share files, track tasks and=
projects, make decisions, and build repositories of shared knowledge. By ne=
twork organizing, we mean the ability of multiple groups to work together on=
projects in a democratic manner.
Send CV / Por=
tfolio to: