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Senior Coder – Flash Gig! 2-3 weeks – well paid!

The processing job that I posted earlier has turned =
back to flash and will now live on facebook.=A0
I am looking for a=
senior programmer who also happens to know no fail optimization techniques.=
The animations elements will be fully designed and handed off =
to you to be built and animated natively in flash.=A0
Client :This=
is for one of the world’s biggest brands – one that you drink everyday – an=
d you’ll be working with some of the world’s top motion graphics designers.=
It has a good budget as to cover off a senior programmers pers=
on’s day rate for roughly 2 weeks and 1 week of tweaks. =A0The facebook inte=
gration will be handled by another team, but your advice in keeping k-weight=
down will be necessary.=A0
Please respond
to me here with recent experience and work samples:

as well as your day rate/ hourly rate.=A0
Again, there is=
no room for error, so you must be quite experienced!