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[job] Interaction Designer/Software Dev Manager

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website: lan=

Interaction / Web Experience Designer

Our company is a leader in the development of language solutions in=
the field of healthcare.  As a recipient of over a dozen NIH innovatio=
n research grants, the company is working to transform the delivery of healt=
h education and health services to underserved communities. Enabling healthc=
are providers to communicate with LEP patients in a linguistically competent=
and culturally sensitive manner is at the core of our mission.

Our team consists of experts in linguistics, anthropology, cross-cultur=
al communication, and health education as well as professionals in informati=
on technology, interaction design, and multimedia production.  By provi=
ding language solutions, we strive to help LEP individuals and service provi=
ders transcend the boundaries of language, culture, and geography.

Position Description
The Interaction Designer conceptualizes and cre=
ates rich user experiences and interface solutions for internets, intranets,=
extranets, portals and applications. They play an important role in the con=
ception and execution of brand experience.

The Interaction Designer at our company will work as a liaison between =
the Research and the Development teams.

Key Responsibilities
;    Create and present effective interactive design solution=
•    Follow a design brief and brand identity stand=

•    Excellent layout and typography skills
bsp;   Estimate project effort required
•  &nbsp=
; Work and report to a project plan/timeline
•    Man=
age integrating graphics into project construction and filing processes

•    Manage and record time on projects
• =
   Contribute to the navigational and instructional design of webs=
•    Prepare and optimize graphics for use
ull;    Organize and manage content flow
• &nbsp=
;  Carry out production utilizing mainstream graphics, animation packag=

•    HTML editing
•    Prioritiz=
e features based on input from medical research, marketing, development, CEO=
and other team members
•    Develop specifications a=
nd success criteria
•    Coordinate with cross-discip=
lined team(s), including consultants and vendors, through the product cycle

•    Define end user scenarios
•  &nb=
sp; Work to understand market and product requirements and turn them into fu=
nctional specifications from which product can be built
• &nbsp=
;  Work closely with the development team to help define development ta=
sks and appropriate development sprints or milestones

•    Prioritize features, functionality and efforts dur=
ing product development process
•    Work with busine=
ss requirements and development teams to design, specify, evolve, and launch=
products and supervise the product design/development process in its entire=

•    Design degree or diploma is =
•    Experience managing software developm=
ent teams that build large-scale commercial products
•  &n=
bsp; Demonstrated ability writing meticulous user requirement documents

•    Proven commercial experience in an interactive des=
ign role
•    Experience with InDesign, OmniGraffle, =
or similar software
•    Deep understanding of techno=
logies and platforms used to create compelling interactive experiences

•    HTML/JavaScript, CSSP, Flash and other relevant te=
chnology skills
•    Excellent portfolio
sp;   Understanding of design for content management systems, usab=
ility and accessibility practice and customer focus are essential

•    Extensive experience creating wireframes, user flo=
ws and concept models

=A1=FA Please be prepared to show examples of y=
our work.

Please include salary history and salary e=
The company offers excellent health insurance, 401(k), pre-t=
ax transit benefits, and education benefits.

How to Apply
Email r=A8=A6sum=A8=A6 to Include a cover lette=
r in the body of your email and write “Interaction Designer” in =
the subject field. No phone calls, please.

Ms. Isabela Joffe
102 West 38th Street, 5th FloorNew York, NY 10018

Josh B=