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JOB: Web Developer Adviser

A former student of mine is looking=
for a reliable web developer to call in times of need.  Contact Santia=
go directly at montana_sa=

Begin forwarded message:

From: santiago montana <>

Date: June 8, 2009 4:10=
:48 PM EDT


Subject: Web Developmen=
t project

Hello Amos,

This is Santiago, from the Spring semester.=
I  have a project that requires logic (possibly in php) but I feel a l=
ittle uncomfortable getting hired when I don’t have much experience in php. =
(See description of the job below.)

Would you know of anyone who woul=
d be willing and available to consult with me in case that I end up stuck wi=
th the code? How much would they charge me for their services? 

I would like to get back to my =
manager as soon as possible. If you know of someone, feel free to pass my in=
formation along.



Hi Santiago, 

I  wante=
d to reach out to you to gauge your availability for an offsite development =
project. All work needs to be done from home – do you have that capability?

have included the details our client shared with us for you to review. Can you let me know as soon=
as possible if this is something you could do and if so, approximately how =
many hours it would take you to complete.
 The hourly bill rate we could pay you would ultimately d=
epend on how many hours it would take you to do this project as our client h=
as a specific budget that they have to stay within. 
If there are a=
ny questions that you would need answered by the client before being able to=
make an estimate just send them my way and I’m happy to pass along to our c=
Thanks so much Santiago!
I have a need for a Web Develope=
r to build the back end of a couple of tools to run our website. I need the =
following built:
1. Cost calculator – person fills in series of questions regarding usa=
ge of product and the return is what the cost will be broken in several ways=
. Showcases how cost goes down with usage.

2. Age calculator – adjust for premature birth. =
This site has one and it is the same idea – a common application on early ch=
ildhood websites: http://www.curriculumas= 
3. Product chooser -=
series of questions person answers and the return is recommendation on what=
they should buy to meet their needs. Our product line has so many component=
s we want to make it easier for folks to figure out what they should be buyi=


My IT person said the pl=
atform for this would be JavaScript and Flash. Our web site runs in Windows =
on a shared server.