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[Job] Online Education Specialist

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Hi all,

This is from Alan Cordova–a recent MBA Columbia U grad and a=
big fan of ITP talent (I think he attended the last BarCamp NYC at ITP).=A0=
Check it out…



Green University

Online Education Specialist

For mor=
e information, please contact Alan Cordova

tract Period: July 1 =96 September 1

Approximate T=
otal Hours: 400

Compensation: Negotiable based on =
experience and credentials

A new e-learning compan=
y seeks to contract an online education specialist to manage the development=
of a course based on teaching materials currently geared towards classroom =
instruction.=A0 We will be providin=
g Internet-based training to manufacturing and construction workers seeking =
to acquire the skills demanded by the renewable energy and energy efficiency=
sectors.=A0 Students will register=
, pay for the course, view and listen to and interact with the educational c=
ontent, then take (and hopefully pass) the corresponding accreditation exam.=
=A0 After receiving their credentia=
l, they will be eligible for placement through our career center.=A0 While the courses will be self-paced, we a=
nticipate that the average student will complete them in 10-12 weeks.

Green University is dedicated to serving three communiti=
es: adult professionals in transition, youth and members of underprivileged =
communities.=A0 Our courses must be=
accessible for people without significant Internet experience or computer s=
avvy while offering the opportunity for self-directed learners to employ the=
latest educational tools, such as games and interactive content, to strengt=
hen and deepen their understanding of the material.=A0 We will be licensing textbooks, lesson plans, worksheets=
, exams and lecture notes from a nationally-recognized trade association and=
a learning management system (LMS) from a leading software developer.

We are looking for an innovative online learning and cu=
rriculum development specialist to manage the process of transforming the ex=
isting materials into the online medium.=
He or she will be expected to understand the strengths, weaknesse=
s and limitations of the system from the perspective of both the user and th=
e administrator.=A0 However, specif=
ic programming knowledge or experience is not required.=A0 Moreover, the specialist will take primary responsib=
ility for defining the milestones, setting the tasks and evaluating the deli=
verables for a programmer whom we will contract.=A0 While he or she may be based outside of New York City, we a=
nticipate holding weekly meetings there throughout the summer.

While the development project covered by this contract is exp=
ected to end September 1, we anticipate either the creation of a new contrac=
t for the development of other courses or hiring a full-time education speci=