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[job] very short microsoft admin project

Hello –

Are there any Microsoft Admin “enthusiasts” who would want to take on a very short
term freelance job? Probably anywhere from a couple hours to a day for the
first stage of the project, and there is potential for more work if someone
was interested. It would pay a competitive hourly rate for this kind of work
(please send me your hourly rate)

Here are some details, and please email me off-list if interested:

I am trying to install an existing app onto a new, dedicated server
at a hosting provider. The app was developed by other developers and has an
install script. The app has dependencies on crystal reports and Sharepoint,
which have also been installed. There seems to be some conflict in the
libraries installed and that’s what i’m looking for help with. It’s not a
code issue, I think it’s just a conflict in the crystal reports app
libraries, and the .net msi package installed.

Thanks! Adam