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Job: Ruby on Rails Developer (Rome)

> ———- Forwarded message ———-
> From: Johanna Brewer
> Date: 2009/6/24
> Subject: know any developers looking for a job?
> RoR Developer with a Love of Music
> Description:
> We are an early stage start-up developing a web/mobile application
> that combines the best of social networking, music distribution, and
> location-based services and we are looking for a skilled web developer
> with a range of abilities. We are searching for not only a star coder,
> but also a critical thinker who can generate insightful solutions to
> real world implementation challenges and ultimately bring a creative
> flair to our application design.
> The founders have years of collective experience in this space and a
> passion for music, creative commons, and web applications that are
> actually fun and relevant to our lives. We are looking for someone who
> is, like us, equally enthusiastic about culture and code.
> What we offer: