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JOB: Information Architect, Domani Studios

> Considering that ITP consistently cranks out really smart thinkers,
> many of whom go on to be Information Architects i thought id reach
> out to see if you might know any solid IAs who might be available
> for freelance work.
> We have a few very interesting projects and it would be much
> appreciated if you could give it some thought and help spread the
> word to anyone you know who might be interested.
> here is the brief job description:
> viewJob=&jobId=707301&fromSearch=3&sik=1245875800505

Domani Studios seeks an experienced Information Architect for a 2-
week project beginning immediately. Working with the senior producer,
you’ll be responsible for a site map, wireframes and some use cases
for a CMS-driven website. Great team, great work, full fridge. Please
provide samples of your work for consideration.

Candidate must be eligible to work in the Unites States. Please send
your r