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[Consulting Job] Python Programming

Dear List,=A0

I have been contacted by a design fi=
rm I've worked with before. They are looking for someone familiar with P=
ython / Django to do some consulting work for them. As per their email to me=

We had a conversation today with a potential client who=A0has a website buil=
t in Python/Django (and uses Satchmo as the shopping cart).=A0They are looki=
ng to work with a new group with=A0their ongoing technical and design needs&=

I've see the site — it's an adorable e-commerce site (name wit=
hheld) and it is really cute and fun — if I had time and python chops, I&#=
39;d do it. I think it's in its final stages and they need help tying up=
a number of loose (or untied) ends.=A0 Below is a list of some items they a=
re looking for help with:

est site to interact with Net Dot.=A0=A0Right now the firm desi=
gning the site=A0 is proposing that we would manually enter every =93new cus=
tomer=94 data generated from the website. This is ridiculous. [They would li=
ke to automate data entry].

Chose permanent website ho=
st. We currently host with NetDotSolutions in CA. [Design Firm] can temporar=
ily host to launch, I want to move it to a durable more permanent solution.

Develop programming that d=
id not get completed during initial design phase.=A0=A0

Improve upon a few s=
ections of the new site =96 ascetically. Program flash to =93view our catalo=
g=94 when our new 2009/2010 catalog is printed is just one example.

Fix the shipping to be abl=
e to =93calculate=94 on price of product vs weight of item and destination l=

Fix the im=
port of the money/ so it shows which category the sales on the web were gene=
rated from- right now instead we have several accounts because it cannot fil=
ter the info properly.

Verify that key words were=
entered properly- strategize what else can happen to grow sales.

create a wholesale section where we can assign clients with whole=
sale credentials to shop on line at wholesale rates.

The women who run this firm are really nice, though not techni=
cally proficient. I did a site audit for them once and it was a lovely worki=
ng experience. If you're interested and qualified, shoot me an email wit=
h your resume, and I'll put you in touch with them.=A0