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Fall Internship with

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We are developing a game econo=
my for that awards virtual points for accurately predicting the=
outcome of games. This is with our users on the site, and both the point sy=
stem, badges and ladders will need to be constructed and amended.
FanFeedr is a real-time personalized sports aggregator based =
in Dumbo, in Brooklyn. We are a startup of four engineers and two product pe=
ople, and our site launched on June 15th at We also have an API at and an iPhone/iPod T=
ouch application at:

The ideal candidate has constructed gam=
e systems before, and is familiar with IT=
P alum Dennis Crowley’s FourSquare as well&nbs=
p;as being more-than-conversant about sports and&nb=
sp;sports outcomes. The game and system design=
 would result in onsite credit.

Duration: four-to-five months, roughly 20-30 =
hours a month. This is an unpaid internsh=
Location: we are flexible.


Technical platform: Python with Java component=
s, but lack of programming skills aren’t =
a hindrance.
The position reports&nb=
sp;to CEO.  
Company background:&nbs=
For more information, contact Ty Ahmad-Taylor at