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[JOB] iPhone developer in Silicon Valley

Hello, everyone!!

Funji is looking for an =
iPhone developer.
We are now team of four (including two developers) and=
won fbFund last May.

– Experience developing iPhone apps or at least playing=
with Xcode
– An undeniable passion to solve new issues and new problems
– A BS in Computer Science (or equivalent)
– Experience with either C++ or Java
– Needs to able to relocate to San Francisco, CA but we can talk about it. =


-Do anything it takes to further the growth of the company and have fun doi=
ng it.

-Working independently or with other engineers to brainstorm

solutions, implementations, and architectures

-Implementing features in a manner which is robust,efficient, and readable

-Being responsible for ongoing maintenance, bug fixing, and improvement of =
your code

Please shoot me an email if you are interested!
– Shinyou=