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JOB: Drupal developer

From a friend:

We (Cstraight) just inherited a website built in =
Drupal 4.7. =A0Our responsibility is both to maintain this site as it is, an=
d also propose a rebuild of the site in Drupal 6 (instead of the notorious u=
pgrade path). =A0It's possible (we're hoping) that the organization =
will also do a redesign of the site in conjunction with the move to Drupal 6=
. =A0We can handle the redesign process, but need a PHP/Drupal developer to =
help us support both the maintenance and rebuild effort under the Cstraight =
name on a freelance contract basis. =A0There is a 90% chance we'll be ge=
tting a second site with the same circumstances, so there could be a good am=
ount of Drupal development support needed. =A0Our current PHP developers we&=
#39;re fully utilizing on other projects, so don't really have the capac=
ity to train one of them. =A0Any interest, contact Thomas Wear at

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