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[JOB] Drupal Programmer

HI all –

We are looking for a proficient Drupal Programmer for this week and for possible projects going forward.

We built the first phase of the Live Earth site in Drupal ( ) – and while it is well built,=
this was our (ahem my) first Drupal project – so going forward for the next=
phase of the site, we really would love to have someone who knows their stu=
ff and uses best practices to take over.=A0 Mostly because I am slotted for =
other projects and don't have the time to allocate to learning while I b=
uild the site anymore.

Again – we are looking for someone to implement phase 2 of the site whi=
ch is already built in Drupal -=A0 and then it would be great to have you on=
hand for updates and other Drupal projects going forward.

We are – btw.

Contact me off list if interested with your resume and rates and we can=
talk details about the next phase of the project.=A0