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job : actionscripter

a little job please contact me at j= with your estimate for cost and time for the following =
work=A0- budget is small – it is a friends dissertation quiz – i can do desi=
gn i need coding for the following:

1) ID entry
2) clickable vocab, spoken vocabulary
3) quiz set up interface with survey gizmo
4) video clip review
5) timers
here's what I'd like the kids in my research study to be a=
ble to do in my environment…
1) Enter information, including ID =
#, answers to comprehension "quizzes" and survey questions that is=
stored in a back-end database
2) Read a full "story" (=A0300-500=A0=A0words) w/ clickable vocab=
ulary links – Definitions (including graphical representations) will be pres=
ented in a separate panel and will also be read aloud
3) Read this same s=
tory in 2 chunks.=A0 When they finish each chunk, they click on a button and=
it opens a series of video clips of other kids asking questions about the s=
tory (I have the video clips and can seam them all together or keep them sep=
4) Review video clips
5) If possible, have a timer that keeps track of=
=A0 (and stores in back-end database) how long they stay on initial (full) s=
tory and on each chunk.
May=A0be that the best thing is to do the =
story and video part in Flash and then link to my on-line survey software (S=
urvey Gizmo) to do the data collection.=A0 The tricky part would be associat=
ing and transferring a unique ID from the Flash enviro to the Survey Gizmo s=
ite. goal is to have a couple fully functional examples (I have 8 stories, s=
o I'd like to have maybe 2 up and running) by the end of September.

Jessica Findley