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JOB: two new posts in the Interaction Research Studio, Goldsmiths

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From: Bill Gav=
er <>
Hi,We have a =
couple of posts opening up in a project that we think is pretty exciting. Co=
uld you please forward these to people who might be interested?=

The advert will be live on and the Goldsmiths site by Mon 27 July.=3D=3D=3D2 FIXED-TERM RESEARCH POSTSLegible Landscapes – Design DepartmentAv=
ailable from 1 October 2009, or as soon as possible thereafter.=
Applications are invited for two new research posts funded by a Eu=
ropean Research Council project run by Professor William Gaver, leader of th=
e Interaction Research Studio at Goldsmiths, University of London (
n).The goal of the Legible Landscapes project is =
to design and batch produce innovative digital devices for large-scale field=
trials. Initially, the focus of our work will be on creating designs that r=
eveal the domestic environment both as a source of aesthetic and conceptual =
appreciation and as relevant to matters of global ecology. We anticipate usi=
ng wirelessly networked microcomputers, sensors and outputs to create device=
s that measure and transmit information about their local environment. We ex=
pect a core feature of our designs to involve a variety of mechanical extens=
ions of the sensors to make them understandable and appealing. Our prototype=
s will be batch-produced and distributed to large numbers of volunteers who =
will live with them for weeks or months. All members of the studio will play=
an active role in designing and implementing research materials, proposals =
and presentations, as well as the field research and its presentation. Oppor=
tunities may also arise to become involved in other studio projects on an ad=
hoc basis.

ISTANT (3 days a week)We are looking for a designer w=
ho can help us create exciting and poetic applications of ubiquitous computi=
ng technology. You will have a design background, preferably in interaction =
or product design or a related discipline, with a first degree and possibly =
postgraduate qualifications or equivalent experience; a solid background in =
making; excellent project management skills; and excellent interpersonal and=
communication skills. You will enjoy practice-based research and be fascina=
ted with the ways people use the things we make.Salar=
y will be determined depending on the candidate=B9s qualifications, expected=
to be between Spine Points 32 and 34; =A334,136 and =A336,054 per annum pro=

OW (full-time)The second post is for a developer of e=
mbedded systems who will play an integral role in the design and implementat=
ion of innovative and robust prototypes. You will have a technological backg=
round, preferably in computer science or electrical engineering or a related=
discipline, with a first degree and possibly postgraduate qualifications or=
equivalent experience; a solid background in hardware (microprocessor, sens=
or and wireless networking) and associated software; excellent project manag=
ement skills; and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. You will=
enjoy working with designers to create innovative applications and be passi=
onate about exploring new paths for technology.Salary=
will be determined depending on the candidate=B9s qualifications, expected =
to be between Spine Points 39 – 42; =A341,379 – =A344,973 per annum.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATIONTo apply, download an application pack from www.= under =8Cdesign=B9 =
after 27 July 2009).Email: personnel@= 020 7919 7999 (24 hours)Address: Goldsmiths College, University of London=
New Cross, London SE14 6NWNo agencies pleas=
e.Closing date: Wednesday 9 September 2009Interviews date: Monday 21 September 2009

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