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Info Arch position at McGraw-Hill

Hi List,

My friend Steph is at McGraw-Hill and her =
team is looking for an information architect. See job description below. Email her your cover letter/resume/samples if you are interested.



Information =
Architect at McGraw-Hill

McGraw-Hill=92s Higher Education Digital Group has an open position for=
an Information Architect with its User Experience team.

Job Summary
The Information Architect is responsible for
specifying navigation, organization, and interaction design with a
user-centered focus. You=92ll be working with another IA as well as a
team of designers and business analysts to create product interfaces
for college instructors and students.

Have experience in:
web-based application design conceptualizing task flows creating wireframes rapid =
prototyping devising solutions based on user research

providing quick-turnarounds using OmniGraffle (Visio is okay, but =
we will convert you!) Photoshop
Bonus points:experience with web analytics conducting your own usabil=
ity tests

Be comfortable with presenting your work and challenging / being c=
hallenged by your peers.

Use modern applications, visit modern sites =
as a part of your daily life.

We are primarily a Mac shop.



Stephanie Hom

Senior Information Archite=

McGraw-Hill Higher Education – Digital

2 Penn Plaza, 12th F=

New York, NY 10121

E: s=

P: 212.904.2314