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Job: Full-Time Flash Developer Wanted

Hey List,

I'm leaving my job as Senior Flash Developer (staff po=
sition) at Ammiriati so I'm looking for a replacement. I'm recommend=
ing them as a great place to work;=A0 good projects, fun people and overall =
positive energy. They are a small (30-ish people) full service agency. I&#39=
;ve worked for digital shops as well and I like agencies because it's a =
level of bureaucracy less between you and the key decision makers, where you=
are closer to the center of the campaign. They are very open to any ideas I=
had about digital strategy for clients and support R&D into emerging te=

Skills: Strong AS3 framework development, and AS2 development. All new =
sites are AS3, but there is one AS2 legacy site we update.

Please fee=
l free to ask me any questions, and you can send your resume to Giles Hedrix=
, Director of Digital Strategy gh@ammirat=

Check them out at