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JOB: Multiple Openings/kgbweb

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Here at the web team of kgb we are an organizational centaur. The=
head of a start-up with the body of a leading global information services c=
ompany. kgb has operated information businesses worldwide since 1992 and rec=
ently launched the =93Ask Us Anything=94 542-542 Text message service. There=
fore, we pay a competitive salary with full benefits, and enjoy the strength=
and resources of an established organization. In ancient times they called =
that a =93magical combination=94. Today, they=92d probably just coin it =93r=
eorganized organizational organization.=94

We are a distinct small =
and agile team that functions as an incubated start-up funded by a larger or=
ganization. Our mission is simple: completely redefine the way users get the=
ir content on the web.

Our office is extremely open and collegiate =
and we are committed to letting ideas thrive above all else. Our office in m=
idtown Manhattan is filled with smiles, Ping Pong tables, brilliant ideas, m=
ovies, pizza, and laughter. We find that pizza and ideas are highly correlat=

We=92re a very eclectic bunch of characters, but we all share a=
common commitment to taking whatever we do, fun or work, to the max. Some w=
ords that have been used to describe us are: passionate, fun, funny, innovat=
ive, contrarian, automagical, brilliant, academic, whimsical, and most impor=
tantly respectful. If you fit 3 or more of those descriptions, you might jus=
t have some of that magic we=92re looking for.

Current Openings

Business Development =
Head of Busines=
s DevelopmentNew York=
, NY =
Computers/Software =
Senior Sci=
entist for Data Group=
New York, NY Other =
Engineering Int=
ern at an Innovative Internet StartupNew York, NY Technical Project Manager=
New York, NY =
Web Crazed InternNew York, NY Social Media =
ity ChiefNew York, NY=
Web Product Design =
Senior Interac=
tion DesignerNew York=
, NY Senior Visual DesignerNew York, NY =
Usability EngineerNew York, NY =
User Experience LeadNew York, NY =
Web Programming =
Master Ruby DeveloperNew York, NY