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Ongoing maint gig for nonprofit/documentary website

Hi List,

I’m trying to find someone to help my friend Ngawang Choephel
maintain a website for his documentary, Tibet in Song: http://

It’s a very simple HTML site and would require Dreamweaver templates,
basic HTML/CSS and FTP knowledge. This person would preferably have a
good design sense as well to maintain the style. Probably just a few
hours a month, it’s really so that he can have someone to call on to
make edits here and there. This is not a requirement, but would be
great is this person is interested in growing a website and taking
initiative of his social media/communication platforms (FB, email
list, blog, analytics), which he has set up but does not utilize.

He can only pay $15-20/hour, so this might be good for someone who is
in school and/or would like to donate their time to be involved in a
great film and noble cause. His very important documentary is
currently making the film festival rounds and may be up for
distribution this fall. Ngawang’s story is truly extraordinary and he
is an incredibly kind and warm person to work with.

Must be based in NYC area. Please email me
if you are interested or would like more details.

– alice