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JOB: Data Analyst Position at Meetup

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Data Analyst

Do you love digging into large data sets to=
solve complex problems? Do you thirst for the chance to assess and explain =
what motivates people to act the way they do online and offline? Do you want=
to see your work influence a company strategy AND help fuel a social moveme=
nt? If just reading these questions makes your heart beat a little faster, t=
han have we got the job for you.

Our goal is a “Meetup Everywhere about Most Everything”=
, and we’re on our way.  We he=
lp people use the internet to get off the internet and form community.   Meetups make a difference in=
people’s lives and can change the world. We’re fast-growing, downtown NYC-b=
ased, venture capital-backed, and a great place for top talent to do their b=
est work.

The Data Analyst is a key role on Meetup=92s Strategy Team.  You=92ll be part of a SWAT team=
that conducts extensive research to inform and influence the direction of o=
ur product and company.  We ar=
e looking for a unique individual to help drive all things quantitative and =
to evolve into a thought leader on the team.

This new role is a great position for a candidate with a traditio=
nal quantitative background looking to branch into business.   There is tremendous room for growth in=
this position.  The ideal can=
didate will learn how to apply his/her quantitative skills to strategy and i=
n doing so make an enormous impact on the company and product.

 Primary Responsibilities:

=B7       =
Manage periodic reporting of key perform=
ance indicators while providing insightful analysis of website and marketing=

ad-hoc reports from SQL database and web analytics tools as needed to guide=
strategic insights

=B7       Work with teams throughout the company as an analytical contributor =
to provide data-driven insights that lead to a better user experience

=B7  &nb=
Build reporting sy=
stems to streamline the operations of internal teams

=B7     &n=
Become the company data expert, own=
ing parts of the data model and optimizing it

=B7       Proactively inspire colleagues at Meetup =
to address opportunities you=92ve discovered


Other Activities May I=


=B7       Developing, executing, and analyzing split testing routines for key w=
ebsite experiences

=B7       Helping develop profitability, retention, customer profile / segmenta=
tion, and ROI models

=B7       Participating in data-driven strategic analysis of potential growth=
opportunities (new services, price optimization, new markets, etc.)



=B7     =
Bachelors=92 Degree in a quantitative field (M=
athematics, Computer Science, Economics, Statistics, Engineering, etc.

=B7       =
2-4 years=92 experience (professional or academic) wi=
th SQL, RDBMS, and data warehousing concepts

=B7       1-3=
years=92 experience with Java and/or scripting languages (Python, PHP, Perl=

=B7     &n=
Manic attention to detail

=B7       Ready to do whatever it takes to help the team succeed=

=B7       Ability to work well independently or in a team

=B7       =
Highly organized, self-motivated th=

=B7    &nbsp=
Desire to think about data =
at a strategic level to tie it back to business insights

=B7       Extensive experience and interest in latest web tren=
ds and players in the social networking space

The Ideal Candidate Will Also Have:

=B7       Extensive experience working with larg=
e datasets, particularly with statistical software packages (R, SAS, SPSS, o=
r similar) applied to real-world business situations

=B7       =
Experience working with web analytic packages such as Om=
niture, Google Analytics, etc.

perience with A/B testing, factorial design, preferably in the context of we=
b businesses

=B7   &nbs=
Strong experience pr=
ogramming with OO languages and web technologies (Javascript, Ajax, SOAP, et=

=B7     &=
Market research, direct marke=
ting, & strategic consulting experience

Whew!  Got all that?  So=85 if you have a desire to =
make a significant difference, solve complex problems and work to see insigh=
ts change the Meetup platform,  please submit your resume and cover letter to
.  =
Make sure your letter includes your compensation requirements and why you we=
re inspired to apply for this job.  Please reference the job title in the subject line. Resumes without co=
ver letters will not be considered.