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JOB: iPhone and Android developers (San Francisco)


At Bump, we’re changing the way people use their mobile phones.
We think mobile devices are the cornerstone of the next major wave of innovation. We think mobile is going to be bigger than the web. And we think your mobile phone should be more useful in the real world with real people and real things.

Bump is one of the simplest user interactions that exists — just bump two phones together to connect — but it is backed by serious technology. We’re building an engineering team that is tackling difficult algorithmic challenges and creating complex real-time systems, but we have a relentless focus on simplicity for the end user.

We’re based in¬†downtown Mountain View¬†on Dana Street, just minutes from Castro Street, Caltrain, and VTA Light Rail. Bump offersstrong base salaries, early-stage stock options, top-of-the-line health benefits, and a great group of people to work with.

Open positions

HTML5 developer

Server engineering

Algorithms engineer

Server operations

Visual designer

Interaction designer

Android developer

iOS expert