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[job] Technical Lead @ TribalDDB/NY

Technical Lead position at TribalDDB

We are looking for a Tech Lead that can combine their ability to manage a wide variety of client demands at full-speed with a deep understanding of how technology can be used to solve business problems.

A development background (.NET) is very beneficial, though hands-on coding will not be required. You must be able to rapidly get up to speed on a variety of digital platforms and are more of a generalist than a specialist in any one technology. You must be able to fluidly and comfortably communicate with a wide variety of technical abilities (from less than nothing to very savvy) while focusing on meeting the business needs of the client.

The TA / TL is the primary author of the Business Requirements Document and owns the Technical Specifications document. In addition, you provide oversight through production and deployment to ensure that the technical design has been implemented properly by the development teams.

The TL will work closely with peers in the Creative, User Experience (UX), Rich Media, PM, Strategic Planning, and Client Services groups. You may be asked to present directly to clients as well as facilitate on-site work sessions with relevant stakeholders. You must have excellent written communication skills and the ability to visually represent technical concepts in a clear, substantive manner.

This project has a heavy focus on setting up an enterprise CMS and integrating third party technologies into it along with social media components.

If you are interested in this position please forward your resume with contact info to: Randall Noval–