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JOB: Web Developer with Data Visualization + Facebook API experience

JOB: Engineer with Data Visualization experience + Facebook API

$1000~2000 reward for coding (based on workload)

Deadline: End of Feb



Need to create a non-browser application (can be processing, python and such) using Facebook API. The goal of the design is to allow users to hide from and lie to their friends and the application will have a memory of to who you did that in order to form automatic behavior.


Knowledge of database and recommendation algorithm is necessary, but nothing too advanced! As it’s JUST A PROTOTYPE that gives an idea of the experience. Not all the parts have to be fully functioning. We gotta talk about that.

For the visual part, knowing how to animate basic vectors and texts is enough! See example from

Also, here are some other documents that will help you understand the project:


Rough prototype (get the structure working), Feb 20th.

Refined visualization: Mar 1st.

Everything negotiable, including budget and time.

Working remotely and discussions via call.

Contact: (Ina)
skype ID: inasee1984