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JOB: Tech lead for JKAI Designs

We are currently looking for people to join our company full time to help us create a product we believe can change the world of mobile computing. We are seeking someone to come work with us to build a series of technologies for smartphones and tablets but we need someone who is more then just a developer, we need someone with imagination. That is why I thought of ITP. I know the level of ingenuity that is bred there is exactly what we are looking for. Below is a brief desc-ription of the job and a little bit about our company.


Job Title:  Technological Lead

Job Description:

We are seeking an experienced application developer to lead in designing and then building a working prototype of our initial product. This position requires a person who is interested in making a name for themselves. A person who is a natural leader but who can also work independently and who is motivated to learn about new technologies directly and indirectly related to smart-phones and tablets.

The person we are seeking will be responsible for implementing our designs into a working prototype, initially for the android platform (2.3, 3.0) and subsequently for other platforms. This person must be equally comfortable in the consumer and enterprise spheres as the final product will eventually be tailored to multiple markets and industries.

Eventually this person will be in charge of a product team(s) and therefore must be capable of managing groups in an agile manner while maintaining a firm sight on the larger picture.


РExperience developing Android mobile  applications.

-Bachelor degree in Computer Science or equivalent.

– 5 years of other relevant experience.

– Highly motivated with a strong desire to create and build cutting edge technologies.

– Ability to present tradeoffs in implementation strategy and to defend a proposed direction.

– Ability to communicate clearly and confidently with technical and non-technical people at all experience levels.

– Ability to learn or current knowledge of iOS application development.

– Strong understanding of underlying mobile technologies including but not limited to platform APIs, voice transc-ription, location, positional sensors, file subsystems. Strong understanding of user interface guidelines.

– Demonstrated delivery of mobile applications.

– A high level of networking knowledge is a must.

– A knowledge of new and emerging security protocols is a plus.

– Knowledge of NFCs is a plus.

– US Citizen or possess a Green Card.


– Develop, build, and test a prototype consistent with defined strategic direction and goals.

– Assist in developing additional products based on the core technologies developed.

– Maintain sufficient communication with executive team.

About Us:

JKAI Designs is an early stage Research and Development company focused on bringing practical Artificial Intelligence to the world of location aware mobile computing. We are based in Manhattan and are in the process of expanding our team of young, highly motivated pioneer types. We are looking for a similarly innovative person to join our outside the box thinking styles. We strongly believe that we have the makings of a revolutionary set of products and are extremely determined to get them to the market. To that end, we need someone who is as excited about the future of mobile computing as we are and who is willing to take a lead role in helping us build a new foundation for the next generation of computing.


Kenneth Daniels

JKAI Designs, LLC
122 West 27th Street
Floor 12, Suite 12
New York, New York 10001
c: 917-586-9962
o: 646-496-0308
Google Talk: kennydaniels