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JOB: PlotWatt, engineer, developers, UI, etc.


PlotWatt helps people to reduce their energy bills.  Our cloud-based algorithms analyze smart meter data to figure out appliance level energy costs without monitoring the individual appliances.  Beta users (in 22 states and counting) have cut their bills by as much as 50%. We work on the consumer side of the smart grid.   We’re cleantech, greentech, lean, agile, eco-geeky, and generally fired up about building a huge internet business that helps save the planet.


– Back End Engineer: Design and build a large, scalable, data-intensive architecture.  This is for serious back-end oriented programmers only (e.g. database architect experience and/or Big data skills).  We will be processing appliance-level consumption details for every minute of the day across millions of homes.  Our scientists and users must be able to navigate all of the data quickly.

Skills: S3, EC2, MapReduce/Hadoop

Bonus: Weka, Mahout, Load Balancing…

– Front End Developers: This is a full-stack position with a front-end focus.  Engineering / CS degree required.

Skills: Ruby on Rails, C++, HTML,java_script, Python

Bonus: iOS, Android, Matlab

– UI Guru: Sick of speedometer gauges and pie charts?  We are generating awesomely insightful data but it’s only valuable if we can engage the user.  The UI Guru will design emails, web dashboards, mobile apps, and even MMS messages.

Skills: Photoshop,java_script, HTML

Bonus: iOS, Android

– Energy Efficiency Geek:  This is a data analysis position for someone who is or wants to become an expert on residential energy efficiency.  When you succeed, you will save people money and you will save the planet massive amounts of wasted energy.

Skills: Matlab / R! / Weka, Writing

Bonus: LEED, BPI, Manual-J, HERS


We are a start-up. We’re from CS and engineering departments at Dartmouth, Stanford & Washington University; and labs at Lockheed Martin & University of Cambridge.

We are well funded by a group of world-class cleantech and web-focused Angel and VC investors.


Go to  Mention how you heard about us in your cover letter.  If you’re interested in an internship, send a cover letter and resume to