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[JOB] PHP/MYSQL Programmer

A former colleague is looking for a PHP MySQL programmer.

looks like a straightforward project, please contact Cameron Peek directly for more information, project fee etc.


This is a page that collects leads for a discount card to be used at pharmacies. We will be collecting user data and then presenting them with a digital “card” to print out and take into the pharmacy with them to save money on prescription drugs.


Please see the user flow below:

1)     User clicks on an ad.  (placed either on search or display traffic)

2)     Link goes to affiliate tracking software (HitPath)

3)     Page redirects to (ClickTale)

4)     User experience on page (Pharmacy Locator, Price Look Up, FAQ, Send to a friend) Integrate with Google maps API, Mail Client Plugin, .CSV file of drug prices

5)     Short form info submit: Name, Email, DOB, Insurance status info into MySQL database

6)     Checking availability page

7)     Print Card Page

8)     Share with a friend/Reminder page InfusionSoft permission-based messaging


We are looking for someone familiar with PHP and MySQL

Will need someone to build the database and link tables from the front end. We need the site to authenticate to the db. Tracking from which ad version is important, we need our developer to help parse the code from our affiliate tracking software (HitPath) and pull information into a range of codes that will eventually be displayed as the “Group Number” on the card.  User drop-off also needs to be accounted for – We need to see who fills out their information but does not print a card, so we can email them a card.  In addition we have to import pharmacy locations and drug pricing then integrate locations with the Google Maps API