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INTERN: Summer web & Software dev at Interbrand

About Us (Interbrand)
Interbrand started in 1974 when the world still thought of brands as just another word for logo.  We have changed the world’s view of branding and brand management by creating  and managing brands as valuable business assets.  We now have nearly 40 offices and are the world’s largest brand consultancy.  We bring together a diverse range of insightful thinkers making our business both rigorously analytical and highly creative.  Interbrand has the broadest geographical presence – offering more people more disciplines, and more knowledge tailored to our clients.  Our work goes deeper and further.  We create and manage brand value by making the brand central to the business’s strategic aims.  We’re not interested in simply being the world’s biggest brand consultancy.  We want to be the most valued.
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Summer Intern – Web & Software Development
May 31, 2011 – August 5, 2011
Job Description
BrandWizard, the digital and software development arm of Interbrand, is currently looking for a Summer Intern to provide project-based development and administrative support to the BrandWizard Software Development team.  We are looking for a hardworking, enthusiastic student with a strong interest in the field of mobile, web and software development , who can pull up their sleeves and help out on any project – big or small.
Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:
–          Enhancement, maintenance and troubleshooting of enterprise web sites and applications  (with direction and guidance from supervisor)
–          To assist developers in day-to-day projects, which may include:
o   Database queries and reports
o   Troubleshooting and testing
o   Batch processes
o   Creating web pages and controls
o   Styling and creating layouts and web page elements
o   Documentation
Skills and Experience:
–          Understanding of latest web technologies and platforms
–          Understanding of Microsoft technologies, including .NET
–          Understanding and use of common web languages and tools, such as:
o   HTML, CSS and JavaScript
o   SQL language and MS SQL databases (or similar)
o   C#, VB or JAVA
o   PHP/MySQL and Open Source technologies
o   Web standards and best practices
–          Pursuing minimum of BS or MS degree in Computer Science
–          Enthusiastic and eager to learn
–          Good written and verbal communication skills
–          Good sense of humor
Marissa Clarke
Human Resources Freelancer

Creating and managing brand value

130 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10011

T + 1 212 798 7500
D + 1 212 798 7617

F + 1 212 741 4229