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[CALL] Call for Art Submissions – The Sustainability Review (Jan 17)

The Sustainability Review is seeking submissions that address sustainability issues and also function as a call to action, meshing artistry with advocacy. Potential pieces could feature novel technology, innovative re-use, or solutions for specific human/environmental interactions. We embrace work that employs a multi-faceted approach, especially that which makes use of emerging media (though traditional media is also welcomed).  This includes (but is not limited to) creative and innovative design, conceptual cartography, and statistical art
Please include with your submission a 300 to 450 word statement describing your work.  This should address the guidelines set above, introducing your work to TSR readers in a way that complements the mission of the publication.  For established works, the statement should portray the submitted piece in a manner that is unique to TSR.  Additionally, please provide a concise artist bio/statement to accompany your submission.
Submissions for the Winter issue will be accepted until January 17. We will begin publishing February 6th. For submission details please Contact us for deadlines for the Spring issue.

Send submissions to Arts Editors, Blake McConnell and Chris Torrez at (