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[INTERN] NBCUniversal East Coast Page Program

NBCUniversal East Coast Page Program


Started in 1933 and continuing to the present, the NBCUniversal East Coast Page Program is a prestigious and highly competitive yearlong program that acts as primary pipeline to entry-level positions at NBCUniversal. The Page Program not only provides a unique experience within the media industry, but also helps to train and develop future leaders within the company.

The East Coast Page will have the opportunity to apply and rotate through various parts of our business that focus on public relations, corporate communications and events, entertainment, marketing and news production. There are currently over 30 twelve-week assignments to choose from including, but not limited to:

  • Saturday Night Live Desk
  • CNBC Primetime Development
  • TODAY Show Production and Green Room
  • Corporate Communications
  • Bravo Development
  • NBC Sports & Olympic Marketing
  • USA Marketing and Publicity
  • Morning Joe
  • MSNBC Technical Operations
  • Fallon Desk and Audience Key

The Pages will also conduct studio tours for approximately several hundred thousand visitors per year. In addition to tours, the Pages will also provide assistance for various special events/projects throughout NBCUniversal.

The essential responsibilities of the Page are as follows:

  • Conduct entertaining and informative studio tours for the general public and special guests of NBCUniversal
  • Rotate through 12 week assignments that focus on publicity, corporate communications, production and news
  • Coordinate audience services, including ticketing and audience seating, for The Dr. Oz Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon  and Saturday Night Live.
  • Attend various seminars/speaker series from executives and leaders at NBCUniversal
  • Gain the skills and network to have an advantage during the application process to entry-level positions within NBCUniversal

Eligibility Requirements:

  • BA Degree in Communications, TV/Film, Broadcast Journalism, etc.
  • 3.2 Cumulative GPA or greater
  • Media related internship or work experience
  • Strong Microsoft Office Skills: PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook

Join NBCUniversal where we don’t predict the future.  WE CREATE IT!

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