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[INTERN] Graphic Design – Internship Opportunities (unpaid) / Earth Celebrations

Internship Opportunities (unpaid) / Earth Celebrations

The Hudson River Pageant is a community based ecological art and performance project to restore the native species and habitats of the Hudson River and address climate change. The project engages the participation of artists, youth, local residents, schools, community centers, and organizations to participate in the project and our three month educational environmental art workshop series from March –May.
Participants work with our resident artists to create the spectacular puppets and costumes for the parade. The culminating parade and theatrical pageant follows a route from Battery Park North to Gansevoort Street, in the downtown portion of the Hudson River Park, on Saturday May 12, 2012 (rain date Sunday May 13), from 1-5pm. The parade of spectacular costumes, giant puppets, mobile sculptures, and live musical bands, features 13 site-specific performances at the piers and significant sites along the route. Featured presentations of performance, poems, songs, and dance, celebrate the history, current issues, and future restoration of the river including: Dance of the River Grass, Oyster Planting, Live Fish Release, and Boat Dance.
Graphic Design
Internship Available
With Earth Celebrations’ Hudson River Pageant
Internship available with Earth Celebrations for 4th Annual Hudson River Pageant an ecological performance art project/event to restore the native species and habitats of the Hudson River. Intern needed to assist in graphic design for posters, postcards and website maintenance from March-May 12th (Pageant Day). Should be familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Powerpoint and Word Press.
Earth Celebrations is a non-profit organization in New York City, dedicated to fostering ecological awareness and reviving the arts at the center of community life. Their annual Hudson River Pageant is a community-based ecological performance art project to restore the native species and habitats of the Hudson River and address climate change. The Hudson River pageant engages youth and adults through a series of workshops offered free of cost and led by our resident artists. Community participants research, explore, and create giant puppets, spectacular costumes inspired by the  native species, habitats, and ecological issues related to the Hudson River. The 3-month series of workshops culminates in the Hudson River Pageant on Saturday May 12, 2012, an ecological parade and performance art event along the downtown Manhattan waterfront, from The World Financial Center Plaza to Gansevoort Street in the Hudson River Park. Music, dance, performances, songs, and poetry highlighting the river, and its’ species, habitats, and issues, include an Oyster Garden Planting, Live Fish Release, River Cleansing, and Boat Dance. The performances are presented at the various piers and significant sites along the parade route.
Contact Eli Walker, Program Coordinator, by emailing or by calling 212-777-7969. Visit for more information and to view photos and videos from last year’s pageant!