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[JOB] Paid, Part-time, short-term Digital Marketing post

Paid, Part-time, short-term Digital Marketing post.
A new tech start-up company is preparing to launch in next two months.  We are looking for young professionals to provide hourly work at a basic pay during February and March.   The work may be extended.  Work day hours can be flexible to accommodate other needs.  Weekly hours can range from 10 to 40 hours a week.
Candidates must have their own computer AND iPad. It must be an iPad not another tablet.  It can be an iPad 1 or 2

Skills include either or all… marketing writing, presentation style storytelling, Someone versed in social media, knowledge of Apple app review process and referral system, knowledge of SEO/SEM, good detail and project management skills, highly motivated, self-starter, very responsible

The name of the parent company is bNapkin.  The product is a communications tool operated through an APP.  The website is in renovation in early February.  Tasks will include some or all of the below;
  • Write the FAQs for the product
  • Write scripts for the use cases
  • Write scripts for tutorials
    1. Research different methods to access app reviews
  • Research app referral systems
  • Research keywords for SEO and SEM strategy
    1. Help to create and maintain launch user distribution lists
  • Write posts in blogs dedicated to cover apps
  • Manage Distribution of press release
  • Send invitations to use app to selected people
  1. Manage the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts
Please send resume, linkedin page or relevant review of skills and capabilities to