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[CALL] Collaboration request at The App Fest (Spain)


I am Ele Baños, from The App Datea Spanish entrepreneurial small company focused on spreading the phenomenon of the applications, that is reshaping reality in an amazing and unexpected way.

Since 2010, we organize a monthly event where we try to inspire developers, opinion leaders, creators, artists, entrepreneurs and social innovators by helping them to discover the forefront of the app world. Month to month, we all are building a spontaneous but strong Spanish network of professionals to make things happen. And many media and bloggers have us as a reference. So, we want to go one step further.

The App Date’s team is really fascinated by your work. But until now we see our monthly event not big enough for you.

Now we are sure that we would like to invite you to our ambitious new event for a thousand of non-experts spectators: The App Fest. It will be an inspirational event about the incredible world of apps, but in an out-of-the-box format. A show that will mix some TED style staged presentations with astonishing performances. That is why we call it festival (actually it will be held in a proper circus).

It is going to be celebrated from 2012, April 19th to April 20th in “Circo Price” (Madrid, Spain) a well known place to celebrate important events, concerts and cultural performances.

We are looking for world’s leading experts on the unstoppable app-revolution, that it is why we are heading to youThis app-revolution is not concerning any sole-technology developments but to improve and disrupt the educational, cultural, business,… statement. All improvements in the app-world are creating the new parameters on those realities.

This festival will be a success if we can touch the heart and soul of the citizen, of our neighbor in the block; not exclusively the developer or the entrepreneur.

So, that is why it is so important to have international outstanding speakers as you. You can give us International repercussion during this 2-day event. 

It would be a pleasure to have your involvement in The App Fest. 

We won’t disturb you with too much information but any more that you might need please ask for it, as there are no English version in our website. 

We really hope that this is enough for our first contact, we keep at your disposal for anything you might need. Please, let us know your thoughts about our proposal. 

Best regards,

Ele Baños

Ele Baños
Responsable de estrategia
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