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[GIG] ICE-T / OG XO Viral Video Project

OG XO Brandy

Viral Video Project


Create a series of viral videos for the OG XO brandy ( product for distribution on YouTube and entertainment websites.


To increase brand awareness through maximizing the number of hits and subsequent word-of mouth.


All videos should be united under one general idea, and have a similar feel to them, so it is obvious to viewers that each video is part of a bigger whole.

Ideally, when taken together, all videos tell one cohesive story – similar to chapters in a book. At the same time, each video in isolation should be a finished, self-contained plot that tells a mini-story. Each video must provide intrinsic value to the viewer, in one or all of the following forms: Inspiration, Entertainment, Enlightenment or Education.

Videos should incorporate the name OG XO as much as possible. We anticipate that both Ice-T and his wife Coco will appear in the videos, and the best submitted ideas will be those that make full use of the brand equity their images carry.

Option A:

3-5 short (under 1 minute) videos that are NOT an advertisement of the product. The end result is not something that could be used as a TV commercial. The Original Gangster product should simply be present in some capacity as the backdrop for the events taking place in the video.

Option B:

3-5 short (under 1 minute) videos that ARE an advertisement of the product, similar to a TV commercial

Option C:

A combination of options A and B.


Simplicity and elegance are key both for the main idea and its cinematic execution. No huge crowds, expensive sets, CGI effects, etc. should serve as the foundation for either. Less is more.

Submission and selection process

Submit the following to

1. Resume

2. Examples of past work

3. Draft script of the overarching idea and / or draft script of the actual video(s)


If you have any questions please contact Alex Kogan at 404-317-8567 or