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[JOB] Senior & Mid-level Unix Sysadmins

My company is hiring a senior and a mid-level unix system admin (2 positions) to join our small team. We’re pretty much exclusively a linux shop (mostly Ubuntu), working with a variety of open source software. We’ve got a diverse technology footprint with java apps running on tomcat, LAMP CMS type apps (drupal, magento, etc), rails apps, etc. We’re running all of these apps in an HA environment, sometimes with huge amounts of traffic, so we are also using various caching technologies like Varnish, nginx for caching, etc. We’ve got our own data center, virtualized with Xen, but a few of our applications are in AWS for scalability reasons, so there’s also autoscale/cloudwatch goodness to poke around at. For config management, we’re looking to standardize on Chef. Overall, it’s a diverse environment, and a good place to learn a lot if you genuinely enjoy technology.

We’re particularly looking for Unix admins with previous scripting & programming experience, but an operations perspective on change control, configuration management, etc. If you know an excellent sysadmin, please pass their resume along to¬†!