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[JOB] Immediate opportunity IA/ UX design

We are looking for a seasoned IA for this project to be available for team meetings and collaboration and able to deliver within the encl. timeline.
The project is with a company which provides online money management. We are developing a recommendation as to their website development, and associated tools. The IA/UX deliverables for this project include: 1) phased site map (to be developed in 2-3 phases as they evolve the website); 2) Wireframe templates (10 templates: Home page and 9 interior pages) including creation of IA for their stepped process module to be incorporated on the pages of site.
2/28 IA brainstorm with team
3/2 Working session with creative and account teams
3/12 sitemap and wireframes due
3/21 Revised site map and wireframes due
3/29 Final delivery site map and wireframes

Jon Rygh
Partner  & Chief Creative Officer

156 Fifth Ave. Suite 901
New York, NY 10010

W:  212.884.9992
C:   718.908.6111
Skype: jonrygh

Twitter: velocidi
Twitter: jonrygh