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[JOB] marketing/communications director and #2

Sorry if you’ve heard from me already, but I’m looking high and low for a fabulous marketing/communications director and #2 person.  This new team will have the job of making Macaulay Honors College a household name for a global, networked, learning community that is reinventing higher education in the 21st century.
Please forward the links below to friends and friends of friends.  Not looking for higher education experience necessarily, just savvy marketing/communicators.  Someone you used to work with?  Tried to hire?  A grown-up friend of your kids?  Former students?  Works for a board you used to sit on?
Grateful for your ideas, THANKS!
CLICK ON QUICK SEARCH AND SEARCH FOR MACAULAY!  You’ll find both positions there and a link to apply.

Ann Kirschner
University Dean
Macaulay Honors College
35 West 67th Street
New York, NY 10023