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[JOB] MOUSE is looking to hire short term Game/Apps Educators for MOUSE Corps!

WE Friends—MOUSE  is looking for educators to work with our MOUSE Corps students in a short-term consulting capacity.  I am sharing the position description (below) in case you know anyone.


The Educator: MOUSE is seeking educators/trainers to work with 1-2 small groups of high school students looking to prototype their own technology designs. The educator would have experience in the following:

  • Mobile App Design and Development using one or more of the following: Processing, Android, open Frameworks, etc…
  • Experience or interest in working with youth
  • Experience with assistive technology


The Students:

These students are part of the MOUSE Corps technology design program. In groups, they spend the year learning about the design process, researching, brainstorming and prototyping a new technology that addresses a social need. This year, our students are designing products for the blind and visually impaired.

For more information, visit our hiring page:






Carole Wacey

Executive Director