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CALL: For Emotional Sensors for Center for Connected Health

 Call for Emotion Sensors:
The Center for Connected Health is interested in evaluating sensors that may be used to detect and monitor changes in emotional states. The effects of emotional stress on overall health are well documented. Sensor-enabled tools that can support self-management of physical and mental health are of interest to the Center for Connected Health. We are committed to innovative methods of providing quality care, effective wellness programs, and clinical research.
If you have a product of interest to this evaluation, please contact Kurt Glacy at:
About the Center for Connected Health:
Founded in 1995 by Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals, the Center for Connected Health is a division of Partners Healthcare, and develops new strategies to move health care from the hospital and doctor’s office into the day-to-day lives of patients. Leveraging information technology — cell phones, computers, networked devices and simple remote monitoring tools — the Center helps providers and patients manage chronic conditions, maintain health and wellness, and improve adherence, engagement and clinical outcomes.
Actively involved in sponsored research, the Center evaluates new technologies and programs and develops and executes feasibility studies and randomized controlled clinical trials. It has generated over 100 scholarly publications and helped over 30,000 patients.