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JOB: Spinlister Mobile Dev Lead, Back End Dvpr


We’re looking for people. Great people. Great people who are excellent at many things.

Mobile Dev Lead

Craft a mobile experience that is as beautifully thought out as it is functional. The
Spinlister mobile app is not just an add on to the service, but central to the Spinlister
brand and experience. Mobile is an increasingly important part of the consumer internet
and we’d be looking for you to lead the way.

Your primary responsibilities would include hustling, leading all things mobile, keeping
abreast of the latest developments in mobile, building a flawless app from the ground up,
and riding your bike with us at lunch.

Back End Developer

Work side by side with our technical lead to develop a product that is elegant and scalable.
You should be comfortable with a multitude of languages or willing to learn. We work in
Rails, so excellence in that area is a plus.

Your primary responsibilities would include hustling, building core functionality of the site,
creating unique solutions to difficult problems, constantly thinking about the user
experience, having a huge impact, and riding your bike with us at lunch.

We offer competitive salary, equity, a bike of your choosing, and tickets to either
Big Apple BBQ Block Party or Sleep No More.

Interested in these positions, creating your own position, or general hustling?
Contact us at