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[GIG] Freelance Front End Web Developer, Barbarian Group

2 types of freelance front end web development roles at the Barbarian Group

I actually have two roles to fill but the more important one is somebody to replace me in my day to day role so I can work on this project. I am the lead front end developer on My responsibilities include overseeing the front end development (I work with one junior developer), take care of any high level – high priority tasks and make sure nothing breaks and if it does, make sure it’s fixed and whatever failure is accounted for and reported. Sometimes the work load is heavy and sometimes it’s light. Most day to day mundane tasks are taken care of by the junior developer but I often have to step in if she is stuck or if the workload is too much.

We need somebody to take over this role on a freelance basis and hopefully take it on full time if they are the right fit.

The Barbarian Group is a great company to work for. Very relaxed and full of some of the best talent in interactive.

Please have any interested people contact me directly.

The other role is for a Tech Evaluation of I will be leading the evaluation and need another developer to look at the front end and webCMS to identify problems and create a technical style guide and best practices guide. This phase is just discovery but will lead into a responsive design overhaul of the entire site starting in Q3.

Important requirements: ability to debug and evaluate code using web development tools such as Firebug, knowledgeable about Javascript, CSS and HTML. Experience with responsive design, social APIs, high performance web development and usability is a plus.

Thanks for your help.


Matthew / contact: